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When I started writing my first novel, I was following Toni Morrison’s advice: if there’s a book you want to read and no one has written it, you have to write it yourself. I am paraphrasing, but I think that’s the gist of it.

I wrote Putt for Show because I couldn’t find any golf novels written for grown-up women, and the game remained prominent in Drive for Dough. I no longer write about golf, but those two first books established a theme that runs through all of my stories: They are about women trying to figure out what’s next after their lives have thrown them a curve.

Writing has been part of my life from the time I wrote my first “book”


Writing has been part of my life from the time I wrote my first “book,” an autobiography of my dog Queenie I wrote in the fourth grade, through my career as a journalist—from the Story City Herald to The Wall Street Journal—through my jobs in corporate America, and now as a novelist. I design my own book covers, hire the best editors I can find, and publish my own books.

Why self-publishing? I could spend the next five years looking for an agent and then wait another two years to see one book published by a traditional publishing house. That’s a fine path for a fresh-faced twenty-five-year-old, just out of an elite MFA program. But I’m in my mid-sixties, and still full of energy but running out of time. So, I started my own imprint, Sunacumen Press, and I’m just as pleased with my books as I would be if Knopf had anointed them.

My other published novels are Hacienda: A South American Romance, Professional Lies, and Thwack!, all available here. I added One Way to Succeed, a fun genre romance I call a smart-girl romance because the protagonist is one. I am currently writing a series about a declining fictional town in Iowa, told through the eyes of six women “of a certain age” who are trying to re-invent their town and themselves after their career and life plans have been upended. Watch for the first book in the series, Gracie’s Revolution, to be released early in 2017.

To let me know what you think about my novels, or to reach me with any other inquiries, please contact me at info@marjcharlier.com. Thanks!

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