Finally, I have waded through the metadata set-up and publishing steps to get it ready.  Now, the sequel to Gracie’s Revolution is available to advance readers willing to write a review upon the novel’s release in mid-March.  If you would like to receive an advance copy (ARC), please let me know by sending me an e-mail at or You may request a pdf to read on your computer, a Word document sent to your Kindle account (I will need your Kindle e-mail address), or a paperback copy.

Here’s a synopsis of the continuation of the Johnson Station story:

The Sequel to Gracie’s Revolution:  Jackie’s Campaign

The battle for the soul of Johnson Station, Iowa, is far from over. The old guard thought that Gracie’s departure from the library meant their power over the town was once again secure. But then Jackie joins the revolution Gracie started, signing on as campaign manager for historian and old flame, Armand, in his race for mayor. Now change appears inevitable. A talented English teacher looking for meaningful activities after retiring, Jackie and Armand have a chance to help forge a brighter future for the town, but it will mean postponing the inevitable end to her marriage, keeping her sons’ troubles out of the public eye, and hiding her identity as the town blogger. And, she and Armand must tamp down their renewed attraction to each other until the election is over. An FBI raid on city hall, a drug arrest, and a negative newspaper article threaten their success and make Jackie question whether she is the brave heroine she was once declared to be. Can she regain her confidence in time to help Johnson Station survive, or will the forces lined up against her finally prove she’s been overestimated all this time?

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