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Urgent, Urgent! I Have to Get This Published!

Many mornings, after I have spent a couple of hours at my computer and have finished my shower and breakfast, I check my e-mails one more time for a response to an e-mail I sent the night before. Nothing. I mutter: "Why hasn't he/she gotten back to me?" Then, I look...
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45 Years Later, We’re Still Truckin’

Surprises from a 45th class reunion.

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Yes, Belinda’s Overweight and So Am I

There is a man my husband knows who never greets me without commenting on how much I weigh. “It looks like you’ve lost weight,” he often says. Or, “Have you lost weight?” he asks, encouragingly. I suppose he means well, but I find it judgmental and intrusive. I don’t...
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What I Took Away from the Tucson Festival of Books

I recently returned from the Tucson Festival of Books a little poorer and with a little sunburn and heat exhaustion, but also relieved to know that books and authors are still relevant and respected enough to draw more than 100,000 people and 350 authors out into...
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About Buen Dia and the Fun of Writing a Romance Series

I have just published my second romance novel, No Way to Win. It’s the second in a series of novels I plan to write about a small-hotel development company in Palm Springs, Casa de Buen Dia. I wrote about this series in a blog post last August (...
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Ready for advance readers: Jackie’s Campaign

Finally, I have waded through the metadata set-up and publishing steps to get it ready.  Now, the sequel to Gracie's Revolution is available to advance readers willing to write a review upon the novel's release in mid-March.  If you would like to receive an advance...
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Self-loathing in Palm Springs

I finished writing Gracie’s Revolution in October 2015. The manuscript was edited thirteen months ago, and yet, I didn't publish it until this past weekend. What took so long? There were some good reasons for the delay. My beta readers suggested some changes in the...
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What I read in 2016 – Now it’s your turn!

The NYT’s Book Review two Sundays ago included a list of books that famous authors read this past year, and the ones they recommended for the rest of us. As I was reading it, I wondered what my friends read last year, and what they’d recommend to me. Why should we...
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Now More than Ever: A Point of View

I used to hide my political opinions and observations from my readers—both in blogs and in my books—worried that if someone disagreed with me, they’d never buy my books. A wise marketing person laughed at me when I said that. “Who’s buying your books now?” he asked....
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Boy was I wrong: Johnson Station isn’t women’s fiction, it’s fantasy

I was dead wrong. I thought I knew who Iowa women were, what they were like. I grew up there. I went to college there. Many of my relatives and friends still live there. We interact on Facebook nearly daily, and I visit once a year. Here I was, writing a series about...
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Now for something completely different: a romance

Because I play golf, I meet new people all the time. Ben and I are often paired up with two other players in a foursome, and with two exceptions in twelve years, the experience has been great. It has taught me that if you leave politics and religion at home, you can...

Coming Home

It's like coming home again!  This morning, the Story City Herald--where I got my first job as a journalist back in 1970--ran a flattering article about my writing career. The editor, Todd Thorson, is the son of my first newspaper bosses, Elly and Richard Thorson. He...

Come and see my new website!

Hooray! My new website is up and running. If you’re not already reading this blog post there, please go to and see it. Also, please sign up for my “newsletter” if you’re prompted to do so. It’s really just a way to let you know when I have a new...

What the hell was the USGA thinking?

On this blog, I occasionally write about the novels I’m working on, writing, politics, dogs, trips we’re taking, books I’m reading, and golf. I actually write very little about golf, because I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, in spite of the prevalence of...

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